Hello :) I'm baby phoebe! female. 19. This blog includes age play, adult babies, regression, diaper wearing and lots of other wonderful stuff :D!

I currently don't have a daddy but I'm not looking right now, I'm happy to talk and make friends and I do appreciate the comments left for me :)
A lot of my photos are of me or things I like or enjoy - if you don't like it go elsewhere :) I'm just a little doing my thing!


Dec 19, 2012
@ 6:21 pm
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Bacically I thought I’d joim tumblr as my boyfriend just found out after 3 years that I’m big baby, hes accepted it and is actually a lot happier now he’s my daddy, he spoils me rotten and loves me a lot. He works nights though which is sucky but he bath bottle and puts me in bed at weekends, feels so good to not hide it, he’s even bought me a new nappy <3 

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